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Address: 10 El Messaha Square - Dokki- Giza-Egypt.
Tel: (202) 37493936 / 33387663 / 37627789/0106089106
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Production of Sodium Chloride(NaCl) salt
Specifications of EMISAL Sodium Chloride Salt ( NaCl ) Product.

Analysis Edible Salt Industrial Salt
NaCl Min99% Min. 99%
Moisture Content Max 0.30 % Max. 4.00 %
Impurities soluble in  water Max.1.00 % Max.0.80%
Iodine content (KIO­3)

Min.30 ppm
Max.70 ppm


< 1mm
Min.90 %

< 1 mm
Min. 80% (dried sample )

Appearance Free flowing without lumps.

Marketing Of EMISAL Sodium Chloride :
The marketing policy of the company moves along two lines.
i)To cover the domestic need and protect the Egyptian consumer from going back to imported salt .
ii) Export the surplus production to the international markets .
a- The Local Market :
The sodium chloride produced by EMISAL was well received by the local market. Now it covers all its demand.
b-Export :
After satisfying the local market, EMISAL exports a substantial part of its production to the neighboring countries including Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Palestine and Malta.


  • Fine lodized Table Salt
  • Free Flowing & Fine Grained
  • EMISAL produces fine Iodized table salt with capacity of 75 thousand tons per year
  • High quality salt
  • Mantaine the blood equilibrium
  • Increase the mental capability
  • Protect against IDD


  • Acquire the international quality certification 
  • Sodium Chloride 99%   Min
  • Postassium iodate 30 – 70   Ppm
  • Humidity  0.3%  Max
  • Water insoluble impurities  <0.15%
  • Water soluble impurities  <1.0%


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