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Salt Tablet Salt :
Salt pellets available according to the updated world sprees that cope with the purpose of use for the resins reactivating process used for water softening in the industrial companies, electricity, steam regeneration stations or in the deluxe hotels.

Why "SAL" tablet salt is required for water softeners?.

"SAL" tablet salt is needed for water softeners in order to solve the " Hard Water" problem. The hard water is a natural problem caused by calcium and magnesium ions in untreated water. This hard water causes industrial and household problem due to scale formation in pipes, heat exchangers, cooling units, water heaters, washing machines and dish washers.  Water softeners remove the hardness from water by passing it through a resin softening medium.

How water softener works?.


  • The ion exchange water softener catoins polymer or resin charged with sodium ions.
  • As the hard water passes through the resin unit the calcium and magnesium  ions in the water are displaced by the more soluble sodium ions giving soft water. This exchange will eventually exhaust the sodium ions of the resin until all sodium ions are completely replaced with both calcium and magnesium thus the resin becomes exhausted.
  • To remove  the bonded calcium  and magnesium to the resin, a concentrated  NaCl  salt solution passes over the exhausted resin. This process is called regeneration. All calcium and magnesium are replaced by the soft sodium ions i.e the resin is reactivated. The regeneration is usually automatic, and the only input needed is " SAL" tablet salt to ensure a high regeneration efficiency.

Salt Tablet Salt.

  • Prolongs resin's life.
  • Has an easy flow property
  • Has a uniform crystal size which prevents caking.
  • Obtaining the highest efficiency for treatment units and boilers.
  • Reducing halts due to the bad quality of the used water.
  • Preventing crust precipitation that destroy the piping of boilers.
  • Limiting resins & boilers replacement and renewing process.

Physical Properties:

  • Color: white.
  • Salt pellet size: (diameter 25mm- thickness 10-12mm).

Chemical properties:

  • Sodium Chloride (dry basis) 99.5%.
  • Calcium Carbonate 0.0125%.
  • Magnesium Sulphate 0.15%.   
  • Moisture 0.1%
  • (According to Egyptian Standard Industrial Specifications)


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